Training Faithful Trainers (TFT)

Training Faithful Trainers is a method of making disciples which is designed for new believers. This method covers the basic teachings of Christian faith, assuming the new believer has little or no background in church. Like Reboot, TFT is built on the AIM foundation; in each session we take time for building accountability to one another, growing in intimacy with God, and preparing for multiplication of the Kingdom. 

Session Files


Introduction to TFT
pdf – 97 KB

The TFT Process
pdf – 66 KB

Session One

God is Our Savior
pdf – 106 KB

Session Two

God is Our Loving Father
pdf – 95 KB

Prayer Worksheet
pdf – 45 KB

Session Three

God Is Our King
pdf – 95 KB

Session Four

God is Our Lord
pdf – 93 KB

Session Five

God is Our Sender
pdf – 92 KB

Session Six

God is Our Teacher
pdf – 93 KB

Supporting Files

Download All Files
zip – 1 MB

Foundational Principles
pdf – 65 KB

Mark Checklist
pdf – 65 KB

SOS Bible Study Method
pdf – 25 KB

Original Australian Version of TFT
zip – 2 MB

TFT Answer Key
pdf – 343 KB

The AIM Pattern
pdf – 55 KB

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