Submitted by Ben Armacost on Mon, 14 Jun 2021 - 18:08

When Jesus gave the Great Commission to His disciples, have you ever considered what He was expecting of them?  Only 10 days after His ascension, the Holy Spirit came upon those same men, kicking off the great gospel movement that is the stuff of the book of Acts.

What we tend to forget is that Jesus knew, when He gave His commission, that all this was going to happen.  He expected these often-selfish, and more-often-clueless men to do amazing things.  And that they did.  The rest is history.

When we train disciples today, do we have expectations of them?  Do we prepare them for action and then watch for them to act?  Indeed, we must expect as much from them as Jesus does.  Jesus sends us not only to make disciples, but to teach them to respond with obedience to Him.  High accountability is not comfortable, but without it, disciple-making will crumble into nominal Christianity.

As we train every believer, let's not forget to raise the bar of expectation--then fan the flames of confidence in them.  With God's power, they can do what He has called them to do.