Getting Connected and Engaging

oikos map
Oikos Map

Before you can have any impact with people, you need to get near them--you must go! How will you get close to people who are far from God?

In the simplest sense, there are just two kinds of non-Christians in the world: those you know (your "oikos"), and those you don't know.

People You Know - Your Oikos

The ones you know are part of your oikos (New Testament word meaning "household"). Use the Oikos Map to write down the names of 10 of your family or friends, then write down 10 people that each of them know. Your oikos list reminds you who to pray for and who to reach.  It also helps you to begin praying for "second generation" disciples before they even become believers.

People You Don't Know - Strangers

Reaching strangers requires an extra set of skills, as you have to meet people and build trust. 

Bridging to the Gospel

Your testimony is a story of how Jesus has changed your life. Testimony is a bridge from natural conversation to spiritual conversation, so it makes a smooth transition to the gospel.  The simplest way to share your story is called the 15 Second Testimony.