AIM Trainers Logo

The AIM Trainers logo communicates many values which we hold important in the mission of God. The shapes and colors, and how they fit together, serve not only as an identifer but as a reminder of the things that matter most to our Heavenly Father.

The colors blue, gold, and green were an integral part of AIM from its conception in 2006.  Blue represents accountability, primarily as water baptism signifies commitment to God and His spiritual family.  Gold or yellow represents the glory of God and our relationship of love with Him.  Green signifies multiplication as a symbol of the exponential growth of the Kingdom.logo

Later, we added two other colors. Orange represents action and obedience--specifically the commissioning of disciples to go and put the commands of Christ into action. Purple symbolizes vision-casting, keeping the vision and heartbeat of God before the people.

The "Kernel," which represents the strategic priorities of mission, is depicted in the logo as well:

  • The focal point is One Mission signified by the purple bullseye in the center. This reminds us of the Father's heart, which is to reach every person by multiplying disciples (John 17.4).
  • The concept of Two Forces can be seen in the arrows which pass from darkness to light.  This reminds us of spiritual warfare and the sacrifice and suffering which every believer must face.
  • The Three Commands, represented by AIM, are found in the colors blue, gold, and green--along with our obligation to obey these commands, as depicted by orange.
  • The arrows in the form of a square define the Four Stages, resembling the Four Fields diagram. These arrows indicate forward movement, with the cyclical motion depicting multiple generations of disciples, leaders, and churches.
  • The Five Roles are represented by the five principal elements of the logo and denote the servant leadership embodied in the five-fold ministry.