Melbourne Mission Trip

Submitted by Ben Armacost on Tue, 18 Oct 2011 - 15:07

From 6-10 October, four of us flew to Melbourne for several days for prayerwalking and training in the Northcote/Preston area: Jillian Goninon, Fred Buhendwa, Judy, and myself. Thursday morning went to Northcote Plaza prayerwalking and talking with people. We met a man from Iran working at a construction site nearby and had a good 20-minute chat with him; he seemed more interested in Christian faith than in the Islam that he left behind. This evening we drove to Derrimut to the home of one of our Congolese partners, Doghy, who had invited a few other Congolese guys to our training session.  We gave the Strategic Overview complemented with testimonies from our team, and we sensed a spirit of excitement and a strong commitment to the work.

Friday we went to Northcote Plaza again to share with people. Judy and Jillian paired off while Jessie and I went together and talked to quite a few people; this was very new for her, but she did amazingly well once we got going. In the afternoon Josh, Fred, and I walked up to the McDonald’s in Preston and were able to talk to several people there as well (it was rainy, so very few people were out on the streets at this stage). This evening we went to Preston market to share, but we were quite close to closing and had limited time to talk with people; we did manage to talk to quite a few folks including a very receptive lady from Japan and a guy who had just arrived from New York.

On Saturday we went to Reservoir to connect with people in that community. Josh and I walked together and talked to a few people, then something funny happened: as we started talking to a lady, her dog tore off and ran like crazy! I was going to chase it, but it was too fast. The lady was very distracted because of a service man working there at the house, so we moved on--but secretly I prayed that we’d find that silly dog. We went down the road and around the corner to the leisure centre and talked to an Asian guy for a while; he was talkative but not really spiritually tuned in. As we finished talking, Josh saw the dog that had escaped, running around with a rottweiler. The escapee was a small, flighty dog, but I got the rottweiler to come to me and as a result was able to grab the little one by the collar. I held him and we marched back to the lady’s house, but for the next 30 minutes could not find the house! We were so perplexed, asking people here and there, but no one seemed to recognise the dog. Finally we concluded that we must be on the wrong street. We went down one street and found the place right away, and took the dog to his owner. The lady was really pleased to get her dog back, and then we talked to her for another 25 minutes or so, sharing the gospel and encouraging her. Her name was Kahli and she invited us to come back again to talk more. At the same time, Judy and Jillian found a very receptive lady running a garage sale and were able to talk to her for nearly an hour over a cup of tea.

Overall this was a wonderful experience for us as a team and a great encouragement to Josh & Jessie in their new venture.  We found at least 4 unbelievers who were open to further contact, and we found a few more partners for the work.  Please pray that all these doors will remain open and that God will work in amazing ways to multiply the gospel through them.

Thank you for your continued work for the Kingdom!