October Update

Submitted by Ben Armacost on Thu, 28 Oct 2010 - 15:11

We've been making some changes to the AIM Trainers website.  This week I have updated the document called "Foundational Principles," organizing it under major headings and enlarging the print to make it easier to read.  Please start using the new format right away.  If you are training in Reboot or TFT, please download and read through this document carefully as it provides essential training principles that will help the training process to succeed.  Don't forget that we now have a FaceBook page!  Go to the AIM Trainers page.  This will be a starting point for discussions and exchange of ideas.  Have a look soon. 

Chris P. is conducting Reboot training in Baltimore County, Maryland.  Chris is a member at Northwest Baptist Church and is passionate about multiplying disciples.  One great blessing is that he has the full support of his pastor, who is optimistic about reaching people using the Reboot method.  I am excited about Chris's potential in reaching people for Christ and raising them up to be bold, obedient disciples!  Will you pray for Chris right now?  Praise God that he models the disciple life by sharing his faith abundantly.   Pray that he will raise up trainers who will reach the lost and train others. 

Phil S. and I started a new Reboot group this week.  This is a special initiative because it consists of young teenagers aged 13-16, and this is the first time we have trained a group of teens.  Pray for Andrew, Damian, Fabrice, Justin, and Peter as they journey through this process and learn to be effective disciple makers--they are already sharing the gospel with their friends!  Pray especially that they will be able to handle their Acts assignments.  Pray also for Phil, as this will be his first time in leadership.

Last week, I visited the church at Tim & Anna's house and was pleased to know that one of their adults, Brad, has facilitated the start of a new church in Bordertown, South Australia!

And now for some practical thinking.  "How do I reach people with the gospel?"  This is one of the most important questions we can ask.  The best place to find an answer in Scripture--from the Master Himself!  David Watson, in his book I Believe in Evangelism, observes how Jesus approached the Woman at the Well (John 4).  Here are some dot points that you may find helpful:

    1. He Established Contact
    - This situation was part of a natural, everyday circumstance of life
    - He was prepared for surprise or suspicion
    - Opportunities come if we want them!
    - Most people are hungry for God in some way--we must find them.

    2. He Aroused Curiosity
    - Jesus hinted of something that could satisfy a need in her life. 
    - Three things people look for:
        . Reality / Evidence.  People aren't attracted to beliefs!
        . Integrity (2 Cor. 4.2)
        . Testimony.  They want to know YOUR encounter and experience of God
            [Note:  this is why Reboot and TFT start by helping disciples learn to share their Personal Story]

    3. He Touched a Sore Spot
    - He addressed her need.
    - Jesus confronted her, but He did so gently. 
    - There is no compromise in following Jesus...high requirement for being a disciple!

    4. He Avoided a Diversion
    - She changed the subject!
    - Expect a smokescreen; they may throw hard questions at you to sidetrack the issue. 

    5. He Brought Her to Personal Commitment
    - Bring them back to the important issues so they can hear the gospel message clearly. 
    - The woman didn't see the urgency -- she talked of a 'coming' Messiah.
    - Help them see the need to make a choice without delay, and lead them to make a decision about Jesus. 

Go and make disciples!